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What You Need To Know When Picking Up Your Rented Car


Are you renting a car for the first time? Unsure of the steps that will be taken when you turn up at the rental centre? For new car renters, this post can be especially beneficial as it brings you up to speed with the procedures of the car rental service Singapore industry. Read it to discover what you will need as well as the processes involved.

You will certainly need your Driving Permit

In order to book and rent a car, you will certainly be required to show your driving license that is relevant for the kind of car to be rented. For local car drivers, you would need a class 3 permit in order to rent a car. Depending on whether you had attained a class 3, 3A or 3C licence, you might or may not be eligible to rent your preference of car.

For expatriates, you will need to produce the following:

  • A driving licence issued by your home country as well as an officially translated English version.
  • An International Driving Permit (IDP) which has been endorsed by authorised bodies such as the Automobile Association (AA).

With these permits, you will be qualified to drive in Singapore for up to a year. If you want to drive for a period greater than a year, then you should convert your licence into a local one. To do so, you will just have to pass a theory test that guarantee your knowledge of Singapore’s traffic regulations.

If you are a probation driver with less than 1 year of driving experience, then you would find that not all rental firms would rent their cars to you. For those who do, a higher insurance coverage premium most likely to be requested in order to cover the higher threats that accompanies renting the car to you.

Picking up the Car

When collecting the rental car, we advise that you turn up a good half an hour prior to the pick-up time Do bring along your permit, identification, down payment (if necessitated) and also reservation confirmation. By showing up early, you would be providing for the time needed for the entire collection procedure which can range between 15 to thirty minutes.

As part of the procedure, the information of your rental will be validated and you will be briefed on vital information of the rental. For instance, if you have actually asked for child seats or probation plates, then you ought to double confirmed that they have been catered for.

Another important aspect of the car collection process is your evaluation of the rented car. You should always decide to run through a proper takeover of the current car condition with the company’s staff member. Do make certain that any kind of dents, scratches, worn paint, rim damage, brake cracks as well as marks are found as well as recognized by both parties.

In addition to external flaws, you need to likewise examine the inside of your car. This would certainly include the condition of the seats, steering wheel, extra tires while also taking note of the mileage of the car.


Both parties need to be in acknowledge of the condition of the car as you would not want to be held responsible for flaws that were caused by a previous rental.